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At Universal Compressor, we offer scheduled maintenance service and repairs to all makes and models of a variety of machines. We specialize in air compressors, but our trained technical abilities don’t stop there. Our services extend to vacuum systems, blowers, air treatment systems, energy audits and installations as well. Give us a call today regarding any of our other helpful aids.

24 Hour Emergency  Services

Universal Compressorprovides 24 hour emergency air compressor services for when you need it most. We have various solutions when it comes to compressor emergencies. We have a large inventory of parts on site, and some of the best technicians in the industry ready 24/7 to service your air compressor and any related equipment.
We offer compressor rentals consisting of a full range of small, intermediate and large horsepower machines if in need of a quick compressor replacement. Universal Compressor is your solution for any compressor emergency. We promise to provide customers with a cost effiecient solution for those unplanned compressor outages.

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Compressor Repair

At Universal Compressor provides service to a reach of different products ranging from rotary screw air compressors, piston compressors, vane design units, vacuum systems, blowers, centrifugal, breathing air system and air treatment systems. We have a infinite sweep of spare parts and accessories for all products available. Universal Compressor drive a range of service exchange pumps and rebuilt compressors for quick uptime turn arounds. Universal Compressor is staffed with factory trained and certified service technicians, who are ready to assist you with all your equipment service needs.

Maintenance Service Benefits Include:

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    Clean, Smooth, Running Compressor | Regular maintenance delivers a clean, smooth running compressor ...  [...]

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    Pressure Adjustment | By adjusting the pressure down to the lowest functioning level at each air-using application, you can save generation cost...  [...]

  • safety

    Safety Inspections | We take our safety inspections seriously as we care about the safety of your business...  [...]

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    Energy Saving Results | We can improving AC efficiency yielding significant savings to your facility...  [...]

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    Maximized System Performance | Operational checks can maximize system performance and utilize your compressor for years to come  ...  [...]

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    Lower Operating Costs | With Universal Compressor Service maintenance, you can lower your businesses operating costs...  [...]